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Flat Roofs

Offering maximum protection for your property and facilities, we offer several options for flat roofs. Installed by our certified roofers, our roofing products are the best on the market and meet the highest industry standards.


Asphalt and Gravel (Composition roofing)

A composite roof is made up of layers of asphalt-saturated felt. Gravel is added to the top layer, providing protection against harmful sunlight which can weaken and degrade the asphalt.


Conventional Roofing (Two Ply)

This durable and attractive roofing system is made up of two layers : a bitumen foundation and a finishing layer which protects against harmful sunlight. An excellent choice for commercial and residential buildings.


Inverted Roofing

In standard roofing, the insulation is underneath the weatherpool membrane. With an inverted roofing system, the insulation is placed above the waterproofing layer. For ballasting, a layer of gravel or paving slabs is added to allow for the addition of a deck.


Single Ply Roofing (TPO and EPDM)

Lightweight and mould-resistant, single ply roofing is made of rubber and vinyl.


LEED Roof (white)

Increasingly popular, the LEED roofing system has the advantage of reflecting heat rather than absorbing it. In the summer, it reduces the inside temperature by a couple of degrees, offering greater comfort and lower air conditioning costs.

The LEED system is available for asphalt and gravel, roof coating, and for TPO ans EPDM roofs.


Fibreglass Shingles, regular or laminated

These shingles are a good choice for most sloped roofs and come in a wide variety of styles and colours. They offer increased protection against sun, wind, and other conditions over asphalt shingles and they are algae-resistant. Laminated fibreglass shingles are thicker than regular fibreglass shingles, offering even greater protection against heavy winds.


Steel Roofing Tiles (Wakefield Bridge tiles)

Made from new and recycled steel, these tiles are a good choice for the most sloped roofs. There are no visible screws. Covered by a reflective polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) paint, these tiles offer excellent UV protection and reduce air conditioning costs in the summer.




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